Personal ~ Corporate ~ Religious


Whether personal, corporate or religious, reunions and milestone celebrations are momentous and noteworthy. Why not capture the memories to re-live with others?

Record the day with all the antics and meaningful moments and share it with everyone who was in attendance. It is certain to bring a smile to all who were there.

Do you have a long-time co-worker who is retiring after many years of service within your firm?  Why not recap their achievements and contributions with a meaningful tribute.  Add in what staff members have to say and recount stories of how things used to be when they first started.  It’s sure to touch their hearts!  After all they worked hard to make you proud.

Religious celebrations are packed with meaning.  Share that meaning with others so they can learn and be inspired.  If we don’t hand those traditions down how will our children know?  Those beautiful rites are what shape us, so don’t hide them.

Family reunions are always fun when everyone gathers to reconnect.  The laughter and tears and silly mishaps makes the event more memorable. When the event is over, and hugs and kisses are shared there is a regret that with the passage of time the connection may fade.  Why not capture your uncle’s corny jokes, or the competitive games that produce bragging rights for the winners?  How about your aunt’s recipe for her delicious brownies?  Make it even more special by including a short description of all the children in the family photo so that years later they can see their growth and how far they have come.

Stories come is various forms; don’t lose them.  Let the words describe the love and appreciation that will live on forever!