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Framed Tributes

Spotlight your special occasions such as births, graduations and weddings, or commemorate someone who is important to you with my framed tribute. I capture the essence of your loved one and personalize the frame with mementos and beautiful flowers ready to showcase on a wall or a table anywhere. My framed tributes make a great gift that is unique and unforgettable!

These tributes are a simple and elegant way to remember a loved one including your beloved pet.  In a one-page summary I reveal the spirit of that loved one and dress the frame with personalized items that are meaningful to them.

Display the frame at the guest signing table at your wedding reception or perhaps a viewing of a lost loved one.  The story will be a remarkable testament to the journey and connect the readers to experiences that make the subject extraordinary.

The frames make a great gift idea as well.  Since each frame is personalized there will not be another one like it.  Surprise your friends and family members with this tribute.  I’m sure they will love the sentiment and will be delighted at the thoughtfulness.

The frames can easily be transported to and from locations and then hung on a wall or placed on a table for visibility. Place it in an area or room that is used often so it can always be seen. People will gather around to admire it and reflect on the story.