Achievements ~ Anniversaries ~ Wedding ~ Loss of loved one

Life Events
Life Events

Memories are what we have that nobody can take away. I believe that memories shape our futures and guide us to be the best for those who we love.

People work hard to get to where they are, often encountering many obstacles. What better way to shape our children than to show them adversity and how we overcame it? Highlight your achievements by capturing your hardships and triumphs to share with and inspire others.

Commemorate your commitment to each other for anniversaries and weddings. Your child’s birth, graduation, or even the opening of your new business are all remarkable events that would be meaningful to remember. I will draw out your memories and make them sparkle just like the twinkle in your eyes.

The loss of a loved one is unbearable. My clients often tell me that by talking to me about their loved one felt very therapeutic. It is not always easy to talk about feelings and relationships with family or friends, but with me people feel less vulnerable and are comfortable to be open. I am compassionate during difficult times and help families celebrate the significance of legacies with dignity and reverence.

I feel honoured that my clients choose me to share with and write their stories. I believe that to be granted that right to hear their story is a gift. Through my memoir books, family albums and framed tributes, I strive to create everlasting memories!