Video Scripting ~ Content Writing for websites & Social Media ~ Website content audit ~ Website keyword research audit

Online Media Content

The writing realm can have many facets, and besides being passionate about memoirs and legacies, I just love to write.

Messaging is key, therefore, to elevate and showcase online and media content is very important to capture your audience. I take the time to get to know about your business and audience to make your brand front and center for optimal results.

I research for key words to use that will be significant for your customers to find you. I believe that you are your brand so who you are is essential to what others will read about your business.  Your hard work and dedication to be the best must reach your customers to invite them to see why they must choose you.

Your success is my success!


Video Scripting

Scripting is the backbone for success of any video. Many directors depend on a good script to support their story telling. Without a script or planning it is like filming with a camera without shot list in mind.

I can help you write professional scripts for your next video. You may want to speak on camera or use voice over, the words will lead the footage and music all together.

Having the right combination of the proper words with punch that make the video from so-so to awesome.

With a more creative edge for text on video writing, sometimes it is even more impactful to have the words tell the story with audio in the background.


Content Writing for Websites & Social Media

You might have heard the phrase “content is king”, well it is true! The main properties of a website are based on quality content to show how words can be magical in the presentation.

Besides the right words, we need the overall content for the website to support dedicated keywords for the service or business. I focus on keeping all aspects of writing to bring attraction to websites. We not only need to attract visitors to the website, but also need Google and other search engines to see the content with relevancy of the keywords people are searching online.

Social Media posts should be short and catchy to grab the reader’s attention. We provide targeted post inline with your product and services.


Website Content Audit

Sometimes businesses rush to write content for launching their website in public domains. But they soon realize that the content is not working in their favor due to lack of quality writing and keywords in it.

My job is to ensure that the content written on the website has a proper flow.

Writing too much is not the goal but writing key content is the target.

I can also perform website content audit for home pages or all pages of the website if requested.


Website Keyword Research Audit

Content on a website is directly related to the keywords based on one’s business and services. We need to write quality content which supports the business keywords in it.

I can help you find the right keywords with the proper research and provide you with list of keywords necessary for your website. Inserting the keywords in a focused manner is paramount and I keep a close eye on that.