Framed Tribute ~ Speech Preparations ~ Table Card Message ~ Parent Gift ~ Photo Album ~ Photo Memory Montage Presentation


Your wedding day doesn’t just arrive magically. There is a lot of thought and organization that goes into this precious day as you strive to make it memorable.

My framed tribute will capture your journey together as a couple and give you a beautiful keepsake to display. It can also be added to your guest signing or gift table for your guests to see. It also makes a lovely gift for your parents to thank them for their love and support through the years.

Stuck on the speech and don’t know what to say? I can help with bringing your thoughts together that is meaningful and heartfelt.

Let’s get creative with table card messages, photo albums and photo montages as you take your family and friends down memory lane. They will be oohing and ahhing at your adventures that brought you together.

Everything that I do is centered around bringing your stories and traditions to life. I believe that it is important to share these special moments specially since so much planning, time and money goes into this eventful day.  Don’t lose the highlights of your celebration, I will keep them alive for years to come.

Candid photographs are great to show spontaneity, and people love the genuine look as they say so much.  Let’s add the real story that explains the who, what, where and why so that over time the details are not lost to everyone.

How often do you look back at old photos and wonder who was in it and what they were doing? Your children and theirs will know and understand what transpired and who the people were. Now that is a memory worth re-living!